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Why do I need an MBA in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has its share of American economic icons.  Wausau Insurance is alive and well in Wausau, while Rockwell Automation is still based in Milwaukee. General Motors is building cars in Janesville, while Mercury Marine is building boat equipment in Fond du Lac. For those considering MBA programs in Wisconsin, there is a wealth of opportunity in a variety of specialty areas.

Milwaukee is something of a junior partner to Chicago. It has been a regional manufacturing center for the area with shipping access to the lake. What you’re likely to find in the Wisconsin economy is a combination of well-worn manufacturing concerns along with food processing and lumber products that match up with the state’s rural economic base. 

A Wisconsin MBA looking for work in this environment will come across businesses needing innovative approaches both to marketing and to creating production efficiencies. It may be an opportunity to help management rethink competitive strategy. There will be opportunities to assist in creating new marketing channels and in developing advertising strategies that are tied to new distribution networks the Internet has produced. 

Food and lumber products are market segments where a little tweaking can go a long way. Production methods and market alliances have been in place for years. The innovative leadership of Wisconsin MBA programs will provide excellent opportunities to break into the Wisconsin job market.

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MBA Career Salaries in Wisconsin *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Wisconsin :
    • Appleton - $83,150
    • Eau Claire - $65,460
    • Geen Bay - $74,650

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Wisconsin :
    • Appleton - $87,520
    • Eau Claire - $81,830
    • Green Bay - $85,020
    • Madison - $80,700
    • Milwaukee - $100,100
    • Sheboygan - $84,810

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Wisconsin :
    • Appleton - $96,390
    • Eau Claire - $86,220
    • Green Bay - $101,590
    • La Crosse - $103,530
    • Kenosha County - $104,220
    • Madison - $87,190
    • Milwaukee - $111,470
    • Oshkosh - 64,010

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* BLS Wisconsin business career mean salary statistics 2005