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Why earn an MBA in Public Administration?

Career prospects for Public Administration MBA graduates remains high and will continue to grow in the future for many reasons. A few reasons for government and non-profit organizations desiring highly educated, motivated and practically minded Public Administrators are the following. Many public organizations are experiencing advances in competition from many other organizations needing funding for their own causes. Technological advances in distributing services, organizing personnel and organizing finances have spurred a need for more multidimensional leaders. Finally, in order to streamline an organizations' efforts to maintain effectiveness, public administrators need to be able to have strong skills in public relations when working with advisory committees, public agencies and elected officials.

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Quality Public Administration MBA programs provide students with high level decision making skills, public organization budgeting skills, management and supervisory abilities, tools to aid in becoming a high functioning multitasker, the ability to quickly and effectively organize projects and the avenues to keep current with public administration technologies and trends.

Learn to define public policy, understand the role of a policy analyst, develop and understand creative economic strategies and models of policy analysis. As a Public Administration MBA graduate, you will conduct and understand policy research in your industry. You will thoroughly understand the nature of governmental budgeting and public finance.

One powerful and obvious reason many professional decide to earn their MBA in Public Administration is to gain the ability to competently design successful strategies for improving a public organization's finances and have the skills to implement this strategy effectively.

Careers and Salaries for Public Administration MBA Graduates

  • Administrative Services Manager Salary - Federal Branch *
    • $92,250
  • Administrative Manager Salary - Public Administration *
    • $77,180
  • Budget Analyst Salary - Public Administration *
    • $61,160
  • Financial Analyst Salary - Federal Branches *
    • $88,510
  • Executive Officers' Salary - Grantmaking and Giving Services*
    • $139,900
  • Executive Officers' Salary - Social Advocacy Organizations *
    • $114,600
  • Executive Officers' Salary - Civic and Social Organizations *
    • $121,720

How will an MBA in Public Administration help me?

In Public Administration organizations, "qualifications" are the name of the game. With a Public Administration MBA degree, you will create job mobility and create social and career networks through professors and peers.

Careers in County and City managerial and administrative positions will be available to you. You will be qualified to take over roles as urban planners, managers of correctional facilities, airports, parks, public works departments, low income housing operations, non-profit organizations, philanthropic development organizations, policy analysts, lobyists for organization positions or federal legislature and much more.

Request information from the top online and campus schools offering Public Administration MBA programs and make an educated decision whether an MBA in Public Administration is right for you.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean annual pay