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Why earn an MBA in Project Management?

The most important individual in most successful companies may be the Project Manager. The Project Manager is certainly the backbone of any large scale operation. The PM typically manages all aspects of a project from managing the project budget to managing project team members to managing client personnel relationships.

Career prospects have been and will continue to be promising for those who are skilled at Project Management. With high quality credentials and management skills, a Project Manager can demand an extremely high salary depending on what industry one is working within. However, the knowledge and skills of an effective and efficient Project Manager are not intuitive and must be acquired through a reliable and trustworthy source.

This is why a Project Management MBA degree from an accredited and respected university is desirable from both an employer's and future Project Manager's perspective. The hiring individual of a Project Manager must be certain the interviewee is highly skilled in project budgeting, analyzing project profitability, identifying business development opportunities and thoughtfully and effectively managing a team.

Request information from the top Campus and Online universities offering Project Management MBA programs. Find out how an MBA in Project Management can push your career to the next level.

Careers and Salaries for Project Management MBA Graduates

  • Project Manager Salary - Architectural Services *
    • $114,920
  • Project Manager Salary - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing *
    • $133,820
  • Project Manager Salary - Waste Treatment and Disposal *
    • $94,680
  • Project Manager Salary - Construction of Buildings *
    • $108,730
  • Project Manager Salary - Food Manufacturing *
    • $96,520
  • Project Manager Salary - Chemical Manufacturing *
    • $119,350

How will an MBA in Project Management help me?

Graduates of Project Management MBA programs walk away with indepth knowledge of project life cycle management, leadership, team building techniques, various project management methodologies, and budget management. Most high quality MBA programs in Project Management will spend a significant amount of time dissecting examples of project management from real world scenarios. Students gain firsthand knowledge and experience in order to avoid the mistakes made by others.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean annual pay