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Why earn an MBA in Marketing?

The marketing industry can be highly demanding and highly stressful. However, a successful and effective Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager or Strategic Planner can demand an impressive salary that is commensurate with experience and qualifications.

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Those who complete a Marketing MBA program from an accredited institution have earned the right credentials. Marketing MBA graduates have the necessary skills to orchestrate marketing campaigns that are deserving of high powered, and highly paid positions. In a Marketing MBA program, you will learn how to best market your company's products or services. You will learn how to analyze demographics, regional sales figures and your company's competition.

A Marketing MBA program becomes truly valuable at the point when the student acquires the knowledge and skills enabling one to correctly analyze the marketing environment and create long-term logistical plans.

Careers and Salaries for Marketing MBA Graduates

  • Marketing Manager Salary in Technical Services *
    • $110,400
  • Marketing Manager Salary in R&D Engineering Services *
    • $126,360
  • Marketing Manager Salary in Advertising Services *
    • $111,300
  • Advertising Manager Salary in Professional Services *
    • $100,850

How will an MBA in Marketing help me?

Career advancement in marketing means two very important things. One is much higher salaries, and two is project management autonomy. This means you will be valuable enough to be able to create revenue driving marketing campaigns with just yourself and your marketing team.

An MBA in marketing from an accredited institution will give you the skills and qualifications to confidently take the next step in your marketing career.

* BLS nation's mean salary statistics for 2005