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Why earn an MBA in Health Care Management?

Health Care around the globe has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. With new technologies constantly being born, an increasing number of older individuals and an overall increasing population, the health care industry is ripe for motivated business minds to help the industry run smoothly and efficiently as work loads and facilities are strained.

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Individuals with Health Care Management MBA degrees will acquire positions such as a health care administrator and managers in any health care facility. The projects of an MBA graduate could be to coordinate and organize the financing of up-coming projects or payment of employee salaries. They can also be in charge of coordinating the delivery of health care to patients while managing the events of one or multiple health care facilities.

Health Care MBA graduates can make extremely large salaries in executive positions. A person in an executive position becomes valuable to a company in the health care industry for the same reason an executive is valuable in any other industry. They need to have a thorough understanding of the same principles as any other MBA graduate such as accounting & budgeting, management principles, hospital organization, economics in the health care industry and a fundamental knowledge of health information systems. With this knowledge, a health care executive will develop and implement business strategies that are highly lucrative when done correctly.

In well respected and accredited Health Care MBA programs, students gain the knowledge and skills that will help them learn how to confidently make correct managerial and strategic desicions.

Careers and Salaries for Health Care MBA Graduates

  • Health Care Manager Salary Social Assistance *
    • $115,030
  • Ambulatory Health Services Manager Salary*
    • $127,520
  • Office of Physicians Health Care Manager Salary *
    • $135,770
  • Health Care Manager of a Hospital Salary *
    • $116,100
  • Community Food & Housing and Relief Services Manager *
    • $145,560

How will an MBA in Health Care help me?

An MBA in health care provides students with necessary competencies to distill heath care related problems in finance, personnel management, public relations, care delivery and facility management then develop and implement solutions. Individuals who can perform these types of operations are invaluable to companies in the health care industry.

So, essentially Health Care MBA graduates are gaining the information and credentials necessary for job security in high paying careers.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 90th percentile