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Why earn an MBA in Finance?

Not all Finance MBA graduates are finding wide open doors into high paying careers. There are many variables that go into attaining that prestigious, large salary investment banking position.

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You must know more than the valuation theories in your industry. Hiring companies need to know they are employing Finance MBA graduates who not only have a solid understanding of financial principles, the fundamentals of financial marketing, Cost-Volume-Profit analysis, etc... but also the ability and confidence to be able to think on their feet and use intuition in addition to their corporate finance knowledge to make informed decisions for their company.

If you make the most of your Finance MBA experience by attending the right business school, networking with other hardworking professionals and working hard yourself, handsome rewards will be reserved for you upon completion of your Finance MBA Program.

Careers and Salaries for Finance MBA Graduates

  • Financial Analyst Salary* => $118,730
  • Corporate Financial Officer (CFO) Salary** => $160,020
  • Financial Manager Salary* => greater than $145,600
  • Investment Banking Salary => 5 years exp. can be greater than $300,000

How will an MBA in Finance help me?

Many economists who have entered the field of Finance as an analyst or in another similar career find their job description eating away at them. Prior to earning a Finance MBA from a quality institution, many economists are only used to dealing with the theoretical aspects of Finance.

In the real world, people do not necessarily make decisions based on optimal strategies created from the most relevant valuation models. People typically buy because intuitively they feel they should. This type of behavior can cause many economists to have a very warped view of the industry.

A successful career in finance begins when the professional is able to accept the reality of a constantly changing work environment. An MBA in Finance is typically a mix of both theoretical analysis and real world implementation. Astronomically large salaries and bonuses await the professional who can successfully mix the two.

* BLS statistics for nation's 2005 90th percentile
** BLS statistics for nation's 2005 mean salary