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Why an Accounting MBA?

Accounting can be simply defined as the measurement of assurance about financial information used by managers, investors, tax authorities and others involved in an industry's financial operations. A quality and highly prized Accounting MBA graduate will be able to use obscure financial information and their own skills to make resource allocation decisions that will benefit their organization.

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Accounting recruiters and companies who employ accounting MBA graduates are interested in the practicality and efficiency of the graduate. An accountant acquiring his MBA degree will learn how to best apply technical skills in the real world where financial difficulties constantly arise and change with every transaction and alteration of law.

Adaptability is the key asset of a highly effective accountant. Accounting MBA graduates learn how to think on their feet and use intuition for problems that were not in the text books. This is why the individual who completes an accounting MBA program is typically offered significantly higher starting salaries.

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Careers and Salaries for Accounting MBA Graduates

  • Accounting Manager Salary * => $136,270
  • Corporate Financial Officer (CFO) Salary** => $160,020
  • Financial Manager Salary * => greater than $136,270
  • Certified Accountant Salary * => $68,940
  • Accounting Budget Analyst Salary * => $ 79,230

How will an MBA in Accounting help me?

To begin with, accountants make a great salary on average. However, it is not until an accountant moves into a managerial position does the salary increase significantly. In order to be considered for a position as a manager or to be involved in strategic planning, operations development or budget oversight, you will need experience, a track record of quality decision making and the right credentials.

An accounting MBA program provides the practical knowledge for you to make the right decisions for your organization as well as the right credentials proving you are a motivated and qualified individual. Browse the MBA programs in accounting below that are offered by some of the best online and campus based accredited universities.

* BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 75th percentile
** BLS salary statistics for nation's 2005 mean salary