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Why do I need an MBA in West Virginia?

There are some interesting opportunities for those interested in West Virginia MBA programs. One of the state’s largest employers is the FBI, with 3,000 people working at their Clarksburg facility. Historically, the agency has held high educational standards for its new agents. Management and law enforcement intersect at a different level than the personnel management and organizational oversight involved for police agencies.

West Virginia also has its share of gaming establishments, some of which have grown into full scale hospitality resorts. The state’s third largest employer is the Mountaineer Race Track and Resort, a gambling spa near Wheeling. Casino management differs from hotel and resort management somewhat, in that gaming is the core business of the facility. However the same ongoing employee training and management exist as with standard hotels. Creating a sense of true hospitality requires creative leadership that can establish a positive group dynamic.

Mining has been a part of West Virginia's history for over one hundred years. It remains a component of the state’s economy, as is reflected in the 1,100 members of the United Steelworkers based in Huntington. Mining companies will continue to provide MBA degree holders with high salaried opportunities in an increasingly competitive industry.

On the technology front, Mylan Pharmaceuticals has a major facility in Morgantown. Bayer Cropscience has a large laboratory facility in the area as well. Bayer’s work in genetically altered crops has become a hot political and economic issue for growers and exporters in this country. If you are interested in product development in a highly regulated and politicized environment such as Bayer, an MBA in West Virginia is your ticket to career advancement.

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MBA Career Salaries in West Virginia*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in West Virginia :
    • Charleston - $58,270
    • Martinsburg - $60,840
    • Wheeling - $54,560

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in West Virginia :
    • Charleston - $65,060
    • Martinsburg - $82,990
    • Parkersburg - $71,770
    • Weirton - $58,510

  • Marketing Manager salaries in West Virginia :
    • Charleston - $55,810
    • Parkersburg - $70,270
    • Winchester - $87,960

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* BLS West Virginia business career mean salary statistics 2005