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Why do I need an MBA in Washington?

While Seattle is the municipal anchor in Washington, the two largest employers in the state are based in Redmond. Those are Microsoft, with 20,000 employees and Cingular with 31,000. In those two companies, one considering MBA programs in Washington will find significant corporate employment opportunities. One of the intriguing things about Microsoft is their unrelenting need to dominate every viable market opportunity that flows through a computer. That includes software, video games, music distribution, search engine capacity and a role as an Internet portal. Career opportunities for a motivated and creative MBA holder abound.

Microsoft’s interest in pursuing highly competitive product lines has led to some less-than-stellar marketing campaigns and some flawed products. Their Xbox video game product has done well in the market but still lost the firm $175 million in 2006. A Washington MBA who can convince Microsoft that market share is sometimes more valuable than market ownership will serve the company well and will have accomplished a minor miracle.

Cingular has gambled heavily on corporate mergers and acquisitions and now has to deliver a network that functions as well as the competition. They have closed an exclusive distribution deal with Apple’s iPhone. Getting that product into consumer circulation is going to be one of their highest priorities at the company. It will take many energetic MBA holders to devise the market strategy for that project; the cell phone industry functions in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Washington remains a hotbed of startups feeding off the Microsoft monolith.  You’ll find them from Spokane to Tacoma and many are in need of business leadership just as the tech firms from the Silicon Valley.

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MBA Career Salaries in Washington*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Washington :
    • Seattle - $72,820
    • Spokane - $59,990
    • Tacoma - $75,810

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Washington :
    • Bellingham - $81,840
    • Bremerton - $90,690
    • Kennewick - $94,320
    • Olympia - $83,420
    • Vancouver - $89,700
    • Seattle - $101,180
    • Spokane - $77,330
    • Tacoma - $82,520

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Washington :
    • Bellingham - $99,950
    • Bremerton - $91,090
    • Kennewick - $82,530
    • Olympia - $107,630
    • Seattle - $125,620
    • Spokane - $89,360
    • Tacoma - $101,200
    • Yakima - $81,020

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* BLS Washington business career mean salary statistics 2005