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Why do I need an MBA in Virginia?

The cities of northern Virginia – Falls Church, McLean, Arlington, and Alexandria – are packed to the rafters with federal employees. Many of them are highly educated. Those considering MBA programs in Virginia can find meaningful career opportunities with departments such as Commerce, Agriculture, Interior, the GAO and so forth. Such careers require going through the civil service process, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a career path that can be challenging, offer chances for growth, and still has a pension program.

If you get as far south as Reston, you’ll encounter Accenture, the consulting firm that takes MBAs by the dozen and turns them into business analysts.  The consulting work in this firm can vary tremendously but it will call into play every business discipline you’ll encounter in a Virginia MBA classroom.  Business strategy, best practices, business ethics, economic models – all of it can come into play depending on where they send you.

Norfolk and Newport News still have a tremendous Navy presence.  Northrop Grumman is in the shipbuilding business in the area and employs over 16,000 people. There are many ancillary firms in the area providing technological support to the Navy. Much of the technology spills into commercial markets such as GPS products and precision navigation gear. 

Then there is the textile industry, alive and well in Danville with Dan River Inc. and in Richmond with DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems. The technology of fiber in the clothing industry has changed the products you see in clothing emporiums today. One more of the many opportunities for Virginia MBA graduates.

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MBA Career Salaries in Virginia*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Virginia :
    • Charlottesville - $52,400
    • Lynchburg - $79,780
    • Richmond - $64,490
    • Roanoke - $52,120
    • Norfolk - $62,570
    • Arlington - $83,400
    • Winchester - $64,030

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Virginia :
    • Virginia - $Charlottesville - $86,180
    • Lynchburg - $91,520
    • Richmond - $97,530
    • Roanoke - $91,680
    • Virginia Beach - $92,890

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Virginia :
    • Blacksburg - $104,220
    • Charlottesville - $106,670
    • Richmond - $110,820
    • Roanoke - $103,420
    • Virginia Beach - $76,000

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* BLS Virginia business career mean salary statistics 2005