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Why do I need an MBA in Utah?

Utah has become the relocation state of choice for increasing numbers of high tech and biotech firms. The best indicator of this is the fact that four of the five fastest growing job categories in the state are computer software engineers for applications; for system software; network systems and data communications analysts; and biomedical engineers. Those considering MBA programs in Utah will be faced with significant career opportunities in technology industries.

In both biotech and data management, there is a dual corporate function where product development runs simultaneously with market development.  Whether it is software or a new medical imaging tool, the promise of the product has to mesh with the expectations and needs of the marketplace.  Analyzing markets from this perspective requires trained professionals who understand not only sales channels but end user needs. The skills of a trained MBA are vital to these companies' successes.

A few if these technology based companies make Utah's major employers list, such as 3Com Arup Laboratories in Salt Lake City. But there are many scattered up and down the Wasatch Front, from Provo to Sandy. Many of them bring core personnel with them and assemble the rest of the team in Utah. The educational level of Utah's labor pool is relatively high. Many companies expect to fine Utah MBA graduates who can meet their needs for product management and market development.

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MBA Career Salaries in Utah*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Utah :
    • Logan - $60,490
    • Provo - $73,920
    • Salt Lake City - $63,290

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Utah :
    • Ogden - $76,180
    • Salt Lake City - $81,970

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Utah :
    • Logan - $66,980
    • Ogden - $63,260
    • Provo - $87,610
    • Salt Lake City - $83,820

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* BLS Utah business career mean salary statistics 2005