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Why do I need an MBA in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has been the home of many major financial institutions and home to much opportunity for those considering MBA programs in Pennsylvania. Today both Mellon Financial and PNC (Pittsburgh National Bank) Financial Services remain in Pittsburgh. The Vanguard Group is a major investment securities house with 6,000 employees in Malvern.  Philadelphia has its share of the investment and securities market with Cigna Corp. employing 6,000 people. 

A Pennsylvania MBA will find ample opportunity to put his/her understanding of the investments market to work in the state. The investments and annuities markets of today are aimed squarely at the middle class consumer. Retirement plans and investment counseling are no longer marketed solely to upper income brackets.

If consumer electronics interest you, take your MBA to the human resources department at Motorola in Horsham, PA. They have 12,000 employees and are fiercely competitive in the cell phone business. They have a wide range of consumer electronic products that call for a wide range of marketing approaches. A Pennsylvania MBA graduate who knows how to tackle specialized supply and marketing chains (marine radios, for example) should be able to garner an interview with this long established brand.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has several thousand employees in a couple of locations, Radnor and Collegeville. Sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals is an enormous business with its own unique channels. Many drug companies go direct to the physician or clinic and cut the country into sales regions. An MBA who can create an energetic group dynamic and manage a hyperkinetic sales force will do well in this market segment.

Explore your options and request information from some of the top schools offering associate, bachelors and MBA programs in Pennsylvania.

MBA Career Salaries in Pennsylvania*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Pennsylvania :
    • Allentown - $64,030
    • Erie - $55,640
    • Harrisburg - $56,780
    • Lancaster - $45,510
    • Philadelphia - $68,050
    • Pittsburgh - $57,630

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Pennylvania :
    • Allentown - $91,560
    • Altoona - $53,680
    • Erie - $76,490
    • Lancaster - $82,300
    • Philadelphia - $82,970
    • Pittsburgh - $85,320
    • Reading - $81,180
    • Scranton - $60,430
    • York - $82,590

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Pennsylvania :
    • Allentown - $102,250
    • Altoona - $63,930
    • Erie - $84,480
    • Harrisburg - $87,360
    • Lancaster - $81,910
    • Lebanon - $79,210
    • Philadelphia - $104,670
    • Pittsburgh - $98,130
    • Reading - $90,950
    • Scranton - $66,040
    • York - $89,790

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* BLS Pennsylvania business career mean salary statistics 2005