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Why do I need an MBA in Ohio?

In Ohio, MBA graduates will encounter a few major consumer product firms conducting business from large headquarters and/or manufacturing facilities.  Cincinnati is home to Proctor & Gamble, one of the country’s oldest brands for household products. Honda is building motorcycles in Marysville.  In Akron, once the “tire capital of the world,” Goodyear remains with a plant and business facility that employs several thousand. Those considering MBA programs in Ohio will find a wealth of opportunity in all of the above industries.

Two of these industries have long established distribution channels for which the parent company provides marketing support. In the field of household products and automotive accessories, a national brand will typically develop nationwide advertising campaigns and provide support to regional distributors as well. Developing regional campaigns that are in sync with national branding efforts requires an MBA in Ohio who grasps the subtle differences in consumer behavior from region to region.

Progressive Corp. is a major insurance company with headquarters in Cleveland. In Columbus, Chase Home Finance employs 5,000 people in their consumer finance arm. There are opportunities in consumer financial services for an Ohio MBA in product segments as companies busily remake themselves. The mortgage industry is going through a retrofit following the excesses of subprime lending over the last five years. The insurance industry is redefining its target markets and adapting products to fit.

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MBA Career Salaries in Ohio*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Ohio :
    • Akron - $61,920
    • Canton - $62,050
    • Cincinnati - $79,310
    • Cleveland - $65,970
    • Columbus - $60,700
    • Dayton - $65,060
    • Toledo - $71,480

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Ohio :
    • Akron - $88,680
    • Canton - $65,980
    • Cincinnati - $79,890
    • Cleveland - $94,690
    • Dayton - $85,710
    • Toledo - $81,670

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Ohio :
    • Akron - $96,150
    • Canton - $79,050
    • Cincinnati - $96,940
    • Columbus - $94,500
    • Dayton - $95,350
    • Toledo - $82,540

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* BLS Ohio business career mean salary statistics 2005