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Why do I need an MBA in New Mexico?

Albuquerque is among the fastest growing cities in the country. There is a migration of high tech industry into the region. Three of the four fastest growing professions are computer engineers, software engineers and network application specialists. This means opportunities for those considering an MBA program in New Mexico who have an interest in getting high-tech products to market.

Intel Corporation is a major state employer, based in Rio Rancho. An MBA’s personnel management skills and accounting management ability are important to any large corporation with a multitude of moving parts.

Albuquerque also has other manufacturers that have arrived in recent years, such as GE Aircraft Engines. Available land and a substantial workforce have drawn a number of MBA hiring firms into the area who need support from people who can discuss business strategy, view team dynamics and grasp the importance of quarterly reports. These are the tools and perspectives that a New Mexico MBA program provides.

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MBA Career Salaries in New Mexico*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in New Mexico :
    • Albuquerque - $55,950
    • Santa Fe - $49,910

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in New Mexico :
    • Albuquerque - $69,100
    • Santa Fe - $65,010

  • Marketing Manager salaries in New Mexico :
    • Albuquerque - $74,940
    • Farmington - $45,320
    • Las Cruces - $48,600
    • Santa Fe - $51,400

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* BLS New Mexico business career mean salary statistics 2005