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Why do I need an MBA in New Jersey?

New Jersey is host to a diversified economy.  Pharmaceutical companies have a major presence: Bristol Myers Squibb in Princeton; Hoffman La Roche in Nutley; wholesaler Schering-Plough in Kenilworth; and Novartis in East Hanover.  All of them are in both research and production, each firm with several thousand employees. Certainly New Jersey MBA graduates are making up a significant portion of management.

Pharmaceuticals have their own specialized marketing channels, directly to physicians and clinic administrators. Drug development is an entirely different challenge, requiring budgetary control over what is a long, complicated and regulated process. New Jersey MBA graduates entering the pharmaceutical field will learn to take a careful study of market potential and, equally, potential hindrance to sales for a new pharmaceutical product. 

New Jersey also has its share of gaming facilities in Atlantic City – if you have a desire to work for Donald Trump, turn to the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino with 4,000 employees.

Lucent Technologies, formerly Bell Labs, also has several thousand employees in Newark and New Providence. Lucent is in an ever increasingly competitive industry and is therefore an opportunity for a New Jersey MBA. Those considering MBA programs in New Jersey will bring innovation and creativity to product development and management.

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MBA Career Salaries in New Jersey*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in New Jersey :
    • Atlantic City - $60,410
    • Camden - $67,630
    • Edison - $72,920
    • Trenton - $73,440

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in New Jersey :
    • Atlantic City - $104,680
    • Camden - $89,040
    • Edison - $107,220
    • Newark - $113,900
    • Trenton - $104,500

  • Marketing Manager salaries in New Jersey :
    • Easton - $102,250
    • Atlantic City - $114,650
    • Camden - $122,420
    • Edison - $122,260
    • Newark - $121,990
    • Trenton - $127,780
    • Vineland - $106,630

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* BLS New Jersey business career mean salary statistics 2005