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New Jersey Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

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New Jersey Accounting Career Networking Resources

  • New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants
    The New Jersey Society of CPAs is a non-profit professional business organization consisting of over 14,500 member CPAs.

    They offer various services from tax information, both state and federal, to hosting educational and networking opportunities.

    Students will find CPA career path information, scholarship information and a career center to help you make the right decisions regarding you future career as a CPA.

  • New Jersey Accounting, Business and Technology Show
    The New Jersey Accounting, Business and Technology Show focuses on new computer savvy systems for CPA practices and client operations.

    At the show you will be exposed to new technology applications in the field of accounting as well as have ample opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry.

New Jersey Health Care Career Networking Resources

  • New Jersey Primary Care Association
    The New Jersey Primary Care Association is a non-profit corporation that represents provider and affiliates of community-based abulatory health care.

    Their goal is to increase the supply of quality, affordable health care to all New Jersey populations.

    On their website, you will find employment opportunities, an information sharing forum, industry news and various types of events posted.

  • Health Care Institute of New Jersey
    The Health Care Institute of New Jersey's goal is to raise public support for the research-based pharmaceutical and medical technology industries among government officials and other industry professionals.

    On their website, you will find information about current industry issues, breaking news, educational opportunities and networking events.

  • Health Care Association of New Jersey
    The Health Care Association of New Jersey is a non-profit trade organization representing long-term care providers in the state.

    On their website, they provide regularly updated industry news, a schedule of educational programs, a career center and various other events which serve as great networking opportunities.

New Jersey Human Resources Career Networking

  • Southern Shore Human Resource Management Association
    The SSHRM in New Jersey hosts monthly dinner meetings which are great networking opportunities for both veteran industry professionals as well as those just entering the field.

    On their website, you will find other events scheduled such as educational seminars, the latest industry news and a job board.

  • Human Resources Management Association of Princeton
    The HRMA of Princeton provides a schedule on their website of educational opportunities such as seminars, presentation, conferences and more. Many of these events have proven to be excellent networking opportunities for those in the field.

    Also posted on the site are industry news as well as a local job board for career seekers.

  • Garden State Council SHRM
    The Garden State Council SHRM website hosts career resources for those entering the profession as well as for veterans of the industry. You will find a schedule of upcoming educational and networking events as well as regularly updated industry news from the Garden State.

  • Employers Association of New Jersey
    The Employers Association of New Jersey is a non-profit association dedicated to helping employers make sound and responsible employement decisions through education, informed discussions with knowledgable professionals and training.

    Their website hosts various HR resources. For the career seeker, eduational and networking events will be most valuable. So put yourself out there and make new friends, develop quality long lasting business relationships.

New Jersey Marketing Career Networking Resources

  • Business Marketing Association - New Jersey
    The goal of the BMA New Jersey is to help expand members' business expertise and grow professionally through education and building relationships with others in the profession.

    Monthly programs cover topics such as advertising, copy writing, tradeshow participation, public relations, networking, market planning and media analysis.

    On their website, you will find updated industry news, a career board and events calendar showing when and where the upcomin educational or networking events will be.

  • New Jersey American Marketing Association
    The goal of the New Jersey AMA is to empower marketers through information, education, relationships and resources to help advance marketing careers.

    You will find a calendar of events on their website hosting various types of educational and networking opportunities.

New Jersey Technology Career Networking Resources

  • New Jersey Technology Council
    The New Jersey Technology Council hosts various industry resources on their website. You will find a calendar of events such as professional development opportunities and networking events.

    The Council also regularly posts industry news and local technology job openings.