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Why do I need an MBA in Nevada?

Eight of Nevada’s top ten employers are Las Vegas casinos.  The other two are government installations. The gaming industry has several intriguing elements to it, from a Nevada MBA’s standpoint. The first is managing balance sheets and accounting practices in a regulated and closely watched environment. The second is the challenge of branding and marketing a facility that offers the same services and enticements as every other facility up and down the Strip. The third would be personnel management – motivating a large and mobile workforce such that an efficient team dynamic emerges.

Nevada also has an enormous building boom underway. It has recently slowed somewhat and many developers find themselves with unsold inventory. One considering an MBA program in Nevada who builds a business case taking into account the boom and bust cycle of hot housing markets would be an invaluable service to many developers who waded into the development business at the peak of the boom.

There are also many businesses moving to Nevada to take advantage of the tax structure. A little research should produce opportunities for MBA holding small business managers who can oversee balance sheets and measure the needs of the development budget versus the projected cash flow, the expansion of a marketing budget, and so on.

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MBA Career Salaries in Nevada*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Nevada :
    • Las Vegas - $65,910
    • Reno / Sparks - $90,330

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Nevada :
    • Carson City - $67,880
    • Las Vegas - $81,110
    • Reno - $78,930

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Nevada :
    • Las Vegas - $89,760
    • Reno - $88,140

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* BLS Nevada business career mean salary statistics 2005