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Nebraska Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

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Nebraska Accounting Career Networking Resources

  • Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants
    The Nebraska Society of CPA's provides various resources for accounting students as well as accounting professionals. On the website, you will find regularly updated industry news, event schedules of educational courses, conferences, seminars and networking opportunities.

    Students will find scholarship information as well as volunteering opportunities posted regularly.

  • Association of Government Accountants - Lincoln, NE
    The goal of the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) in Lincoln NE is to enhance public financial management. To have this goal materialize, they have developed accounting and auditing standards and generated new strategies for effective organization and administration of financial management functions.

    To spark the accounting professionals interest, the AGA in Lincoln, NE. provides training opportunities, audio conferences, seminars, chapter meetings and various networking events which are posted regularly on the events calendar section of their website.

    You will also find a career center with job postings in and around Lincoln.

Nebraska Health Care Career Networking Resources

  • Nebraska Health Care Association
    The Nebraska Health Care Association provides industry news, upcoming events, an educational opportunity calendar and a jobs board on their website.

    As a veteran health care professional in Nebraska or a student heading toward a health care profession, you will find the NHCA to be a quality resource for networking and education.

  • Nebraska Hospital Association
    The Nebraska Hospital Association provides heath care institutions with state and federal legislative advocacy, information on health care trends and regulatory information.

    For the individual health care professional, the NHA provides on their website the following information: industry news, an events calendar (all events serve as quality networking opportunities), information about health care careers, salary surveys, webinars, scholarship information, leadership program details and more.

    As a health care professional or health care student in Nebraska, you will find this resource a quality assett in your career advancement tool belt.

Nebraska Human Resources Career Networking

  • SHRM Nebraska State Council
    At press time, there was not much on this website. However, there are links to SHRM chapters throughout the state of Nebraska. Typically SHRM chapters provide quality information about human resource industry news and networking events occurring in their area.

    Although this website has little information, they do have an events calendar that is occassionally updated.

  • CUPA-HR Midwest Region
    The CUPA-HR Midwest Region is an association consisting of approximately 400 institutions (colleges, universities, any professionals type of school) who all deal with human resource issues.

    On their website, they offer networking and professional development opportunities as well as a chance to sign up for their newsletter.

    As a young professional or student, you may be interested in volunteer opportunities that are often scheduled on the site as well.

Nebraska Marketing Career Networking Resources

  • AMA - Omaha Nebraska
    With all the AMA's amount of experience backing its chapters, marketing professionals in Nebraska are reaping the benefits. Marketing can be a highly rewarding and interesting field. With the Omaha chapter of the AMA's resources, a marketing career in Nebraska is even better.

    On their website, you will find access to a calendar of networking and professional development events, case studies, educational articles, market research reports, industry news and more.

  • AMA - Lincoln Nebraska
    The Lincoln chapter of the AMA is similar to the Omaha chapter. However, the Lincoln chapter offers even more career resources on their website.

    You will find a calendar of networking and educational events as well as a career board, salary surveys and access to webinars.

    Both AMA sites are great resources for the marketing professional in Nebraska.

Nebraska Technology Career Networking Resources

  • Nebraska Agriculture Technology Association
    The Nebraska Agriculture Technology Association facilitates on-farm research oppotunities, educational programs and continual scrutiny of farming methodologies in search of new applications for technology.

    On their website, you will find an events calendar (great for networking), and an information sharing forum.

  • Bio Nebraska LIfe Sciences Association
    The goal of Bio Nebraska Life Sciences Association is to advocate the promotion of academic, industry and government partnerships to foster growth of life sciences within Nebraska.

    Their website hosts regularly updated industry news, industry resources, a calendar of various networking and educationally based events and much more.

  • AITP Omaha
    The AITP in Omaha provides leadership, professional growth and education opportunities for professionals and students in Nebraska's IT field.

    On their website, you will find information about scholarship opportunities, industry news, meetings, conferences and networking events.