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Montana Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

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Montana Accounting Career Networking Resources

  • Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants
    The Montana Society of CPAs provides an abundance of resources for the Montana accounting professional.

    Their career center is regularly updated to provide the most current and promising accounting career opportunities. They consistently provide information about upcoming leadership programs, educational opportunities in a multitude of accounting specialties, conferences, conventions and more.

    Students will find scholarship opportunities as well. In addition, students and professionals of all ages will benefit from their events calendar hosting various types of networking opportunities.

Montana Health Care Career Networking Resources

  • Montana Health Care Association
    The Montana Health Care Association is the number one advocate for improving the quality of health care facilities in Montana.

    Members include professionals and specialists in all sectors of Montana's health care.

    On their website, you will find information about upcoming conferences and conventions, educational opportunities, various networking opportunities and a regularly updated job board.

Montana Information Technology Career Networking Resources

  • Montana Information Technology Alliance
    The Montana Information Technology Alliance's primary goal is to promote and expand the Information Technology community in Montana.

    They work to bring technology professionals together through providing the most current industry news, educational opportunities, training and professional development events as well as peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

    In order to participate in most of these events and to receive notice of upcoming events, you will need to become a member. However, if you are a young technology professional in Montana, the opportunities provided through the Montana Information Technology Alliance may very well be worth it.

  • Montana Renewable Energy Association
    The Montana Renewable Energy Association is a nonprofit corporation created to help support the development of the renewable energy industry in Montana.

    They go about their mission by providing information to Montana communities about the benefits of renewable energy in order to persuade public policy.

    They also affect the renewable energy industry by providing young professionals industry news and by posting occasional events which are usually quality networking opportunities.

    Sign up for their newsletter to receive industry news as soon as it happens.