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Why do I need an MBA in Missouri?

Kansas City Missouri is the greeting card center. Two of the city's major employers are Hallmark Cards and Attic Salt Greeting Cards, both with several thousand employees. However, Missouri is host to a diversified economy; Ford is building cars in Liberty and Chrysler is doing van conversions in Fenton.

A Missouri MBA graduate interested in managing accounts in the financial markets will find A.G. Edwards & Sons based in St. Louis, as is Edward R. Jones. Both are national firms who handle investment portfolios for a variety of clients. This business is seeing a market expansion as investment management firms are increasingly seeing middle class retirees as potential clients.

In the digital market sector, DST Technologies is a major employer in Kansas City handling data processing and storage for corporate clients. The whole field of data storage is morphing at an extraordinary rate. Data storage is no longer a passive field; customer relations management (CRM) software is built on database technology that requires increasingly large server farms. Those considering MBA programs in Missouri will find a wealth of opportunity managing teams in this industry.

Third party service providers have entered the picture, storing data for large firms who do not want to invest in the hardware and special power requirements for massive data management.  It’s a field where turning service functions into viable products is an important mission for an MBA with an understanding of corporate end-user needs and operational efficiency goals.

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MBA Career Salaries in Missouri*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Missouri :
    • Columbia - $82,800
    • Jefferson City - $46,900
    • St. Louis - $61,920
    • Springfield - $50,600

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Missouri :
    • Jefferson City - $65,790
    • Kansas City - $92,380
    • St. Louis - $85,770
    • Springfield - $73,060

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Missouri :
    • Columbia - $71,150
    • Joplin - $65,350
    • Kansas City - $91,310
    • St. Louis - $93,120
    • Springfield - $83,860

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* BLS Missouri business career mean salary statistics 2005