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Why do I need an MBA in Michigan?

American auto makers still dominate the list of Michigan’s major employers. General Motors is in Detroit and Pontiac; Ford is in Dearborn and Wayne; Daimler Chrysler is in Auburn Hills and Warren. But the story of the American auto business today is one of decline and uncertainty – as well as globalization. Those considering MBA programs in Michigan will find a wealth of opportunity to use their creativity in the auto industry.

Opportunities for an MBA in the American auto business lie in creating products that will compete in the marketplace and business plans that incorporate selling into locales with differing market dynamics. Little cars with tiny engines that GM builds in Europe under the Opel name are huge sellers because they get 30 miles to the gallon. 

Currently they are not sold in the states because the consensus is that Americans prefer power and size to fuel economy. The relationship between fuel consumption and auto sales is going to change in this country and MBA graduates in Michigan's corporate organizations will have the chance to realign brand identity and redefine product value within changing market dynamics.

Pyxis Innovations is a company of 4,000 employees based in Ada. Pyxis is a product design and development consultant company. This fascinating career opportunity for Michigan MBA graduates incorporates working with designers and engineers; market analysts; and consumer behavior experts. An MBA who is assigned to maximize the appeal of a product while maintaining production efficiencies has the chance to use a full range of skills that are provided in a Michigan MBA program.

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MBA Career Salaries in Michigan*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Michigan :
    • Ann Arbor - $61,370
    • Kalamazoo - $53,860
    • Lansing - $59,740
    • Saginaw - $64,950

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Michigan :
    • Ann Arbor - $99,780
    • Battle Creek - $84,930
    • Detroit - $105,580
    • Flint - $84,810
    • Kalamazoo - $108,840
    • Lansing - $69,910

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Michigan :
    • Ann Arbor - $78,800
    • Bay City - $91,530
    • Detroit - $98,870
    • Flint - $78,430
    • Lansing - $79,480
    • Saginaw - $71,580
    • Warren - $107,340

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* BLS Michigan business career mean salary statistics 2005