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Louisiana MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

Baton Rouge
Bossier City
Lake Charles
New Orleans

Baton Rouge Business Career Networking Resources

  • Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce website provides a long list of resources for all areas of business whether you are a business owner or an employee. You will find networking events and industry information valuable in any networking campaign. You will also find a list of the prominent Baton Rouge businesses who are strong candidates for future employment. So learn about the networking events occurring in Baton Rouge and give your career a jumpstart.
  • Business Associates of Baton Rouge
    This is a small Baton Rouge organization that hosts weekly meetings and networking events for individuals in a variety of industries. They are mainly geared toward doing business with each other, but certainly all types of business transactions can occur during networking events.
  • Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance
    Orginally associated with the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, the Industry Alliance has been a stand alone organization since 1981. The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance's mission is to help its member find efficient and cost effective solutions to common industry issues. They often host social and networking events which are highly valuable if you are in need of meeting industry professionals. The website also hosts a small database of job openings in various industries.

Bossier City Business Career Networking Resources

  • Bossier Chamber of Commerce
    The Bossier Chamber of Commerce is a great place to begin finding out where potential employers of business clients can be found. A networking events calendar can be found on the home page. You will also find local business news and information that can be highly valuable for those researching their industry for careers or business leads.
  • Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation
    This website is a great place to learn about Bossier City in order to either make better informed business decisions or to leave a strong and lasting impression at your next interview. Follow industry trends, learn about the strength of Bossier City's labor force and find a large list of local business resources.

Lafayette Business Career Networking Resources

  • Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
    The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce regularly hosts networking events for chamber members. These events are great opportunities for those looking for business leads as well as employment leads. You will also find local industry news and a list of over 2000 business members from Lafayette.
  • Lafayette Economic Development Authority
    LEDA is another website to frequent. They are regularly hosting networking events or educational seminars. You will find useful information on the site such as economic trends and market information for various industries.

Lake Charles Business Career Networking Resources

  • Southwest Louisiana Chamber of Commerce
    Lake Charles' Chamber of Commerce hosts regularly updated networking events schedule for those looking for employment or business leads. This site is a great resource for doing research on local employment opportunities and industry trends.
  • SWLA Economic Development Alliance
    On the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance website, you will find economic trend information as well as market research for various industries in the region. This is a great resource to research in order to find employment opportunities as well as become educated regarding current industry affairs in Lake Charles and the surrounding area.

Metairie Business Career Networking Resources

  • Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce website for Jefferson Parish (and Metairie) provides a calendar of local networking and social events in the area. This is a great place to begin researching for your networking campaign whether you are networking for a new career or business leads.
  • Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission
    The website is a great resource or those looking for current industry information, economic profiles of Metairie and locally hosted business workshops.
  • Jefferson Workforce Connection
    The Workforce Connection has occassionally scheduled networking events, but is a better resource for providing links to Louisiana job postings among other career resources for Louisiana residents.

Monroe Business Career Networking Resources

  • Monroe Chamber of Commerce
    On the Monroe Chamber of Commerce website, you will find a calendar of networking events. With the diverse assortment of business members, these events have proven to be quite valuable to those looking for employment or business leads in the Monroe area.
  • Ouachita Economic Development Corporation
    The Ouachita Economic Development Corporation provides a large variety of highly valuable information for those who do business or wish to do business in the Ouachita parish. You will find information on demographics, local and regional infrastructure, economic trends and development, and much more.

New Orleans Business Career Networking Resources

  • New Orleans Chamber of Commerce
    Here you will find listed upcoming New Orleans Networking events. You will also find information about New Orleans economic development and industry trends. New Orleans has become a booming epicenter for commerce due to rebuilding efforts in the wake of hurricane Katrina. This spells opportunity for motivated MBA graduates.
  • NOLA.com
    NOLA is an online new and current affairs source. Not the most ideal resource for seeking out networking events; however, it is a great resource for keeping tabs on local industry events and politics. It is always important to understand the business playing field and NOLA can keep you up to date.

Shreveport Business Career Networking Resources

  • Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
    On this website you will find local Shreveport networking events posted. You will also find various other types of events scheduled as well, such as symposiums or business seminars. You will also be able to peruse a list of Shreveport Chamber members to get in touch with for employment or business networking purposes.
  • Northwest Louisiana Economic Development Foundation
    This website is associated with the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. However, the NLEDF is geared more toward those who wish to learn about how the economy runs in Shreveport. You will be able to learn about economic trends and infrastructure issues that are vital in manufacturing businesses.