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Why do I need an MBA in Kentucky?

To most people, Kentucky is known as the birthplace of baseball’s iconic hickory stick, the Louisville Slugger. Today the manufacturers of those bats, Hillerich & Bradsby, still produce sixty percent of major league baseball's bats. Those bats are made to each player’s custom request – weight, length, balance and handle thickness.  With the aid of intelligent market research and branding by Kentucky MBA graduates, H&B adapted their market practices to keep pace with the competition that surfaced over the last thirty years.

Louisville is also home to a major Ford Motor Company production facility.  A Kentucky MBA who is interested in tackling the production effectiveness that has plagued American auto manufacturers will find opportunity in Kentucky.  Operational efficiency and team dynamics are the two principal elements that have given Japanese cars the chance to capture a substantial portion of this country’s market share. It is in the hands of Kentucky MBA graduates to take back the market share.

Lexington is home to Lexmark International, manufacturer of printing equipment. Lexmark is an excellent example of brand management, as their printers entered into competition with the likes of Canon and Hewlett Packard seemingly out of nowhere. Lexmark’s success in the fiercely competitive computer printer business is an example of a sound business plan cleanly executed, with branding strategy and market tactics working in tandem.

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MBA Career Salaries in Kentucky*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Kentucky :
    • Evansville - $55,120
    • Ashland - $61,570
    • Lexington - $50,800
    • Louisville - $60,520

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Kentucky :
    • Bowling Green - $67,200
    • Clarksville - $57,630
    • Lexington - $76,990
    • Louisville - $81,710

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Kentucky :
    • Bowling Green - $90,030
    • Ashland - $69,670
    • Lexington - $72,810
    • Louisville - $89,520
    • Owensboro - $66,520

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* BLS Kentucky business career mean salary statistics 2005