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Kentucky MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green Career Networking Resources

  • Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce
    On Bowling Green's Chamber of Commerce website, you will find a calendar of upcoming networking events. This is a great place to begin looking for quality business connections. You will also find great information about the local economy and local industries.
  • Bowling Green Daily News
    Learn about local events and news that can tell you valuable information about who your future customers/clients and business partners may be. You may also learn of valuable marketing opportunities through local events.

Covington Career Networking Resources

  • The City of Covington
    Here you can learn about Covington's city infrastructure and what it may be like to conduct business in the area. You will also find information about local events that may prove to be quality networking parties.
  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
    The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce hosts many business development opportunities from leadership development activities to networing events. You will have to join the chamber to attend, but may be worth it if you find many representatives from your industry are involved.

Frankfort Career Networking Resources

  • The State Journal
    There is not a lot of information for the inquisitive business person on this website. However, there is enough news to help give a round about picture of local Frankfort residents, your future customers or clients.
  • The Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce website is a much more convenient and reliable source of quality information than the Journal. You will find a list of upcoming networking events in Frankfort as well as news and information about local industry and economic trends.

Henderson Career Networking Resources

  • The Gleaner
    The local Henderson online news. You will find a list of local events as well as local industry information.
  • Henderson County Chamber of Commerce
    The Henderson County Chamber of Commerce provides a regularly updated schedule of networking events. As a member, you will have access to a variety of career building, leadership and business consulting resources.

Hopkinsville Career Networking Resources

  • Kentucky New Era
    A local Hopkinsville online news site. You will find local news and information that will give you insight into the Hopkinsville community as well as learn of possible networking events to attend.
  • Hopkinsville Chamber of Commerce
    The chamber hosts a schedule of networking events for members and prospective members. This is a good place to begin seeking out business relationships in the area. You will also find a wealth of industry and economic trend information on the site.

Lexington Career Networking Resources

  • WKYT
    The local Lexington online news source provides valuable information for the Lexington business person. You will find updated news about local events and community interests. You will also find industry news and information to help you gain a better understanding of the Lexington business environment.
  • Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce
    The Lexington Chamber of Commerce provides the local business person with valuable networking resources. You will find a calendar of upcoming networking events. You may also find information on local industries, business resources and information for becoming involved in your community.

Louisville Career Networking Resources

  • Courier Journal
    Louisville's online source for news. You will find high quality and consistently updated material. You will find information on local industries. You will also be able to find calendars of local events and entertainment. Some events are good quality networking activities as well.
  • Greater Louisville Chamber of Commerce
    The Louisville Chamber website is very unique. The layout is absolutely fun to use! On the practical side, the navigation is easy to use and the site provides a wealth of valuable information for the veteran and budding business person. You will find everything from industry and economic trend information to a calendar of networking events occurring in Louisville.

Owensboro Career Networking Resources

  • Messenger Inquirer
    Stay on the level with your customers/clients or employers by understanding those in your community. Find out what interests others in your community. Learn about events and entertainment in Owensboro and stay in touch with the community.
  • Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce
    Learn about Owensboro business and industry, workforce capabilities and education, economic trends and much more. You will also find a calendar of networking events hosted by the Chamber. This is a great place to frequent when establishing yourself in Owensboro.

Richmond Career Networking Resources

  • The Richmond Register
    Browse through local Richmond and state news. This is a good place to come when learning about the Richmond community and people. In order to conduct good business and establish good relationships, you will need to understand the community and the interests of the people.
  • Richmond Chamber of Commerce
    Stay tuned to the Richmond Chamber Calendar and attend valuable networking events. The site is also host to economic development and industry information. This is a great site to frequent in order to become knowledgable about the local economy and where the community is trying to steer the city.