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Why do I need an MBA in Kansas?

If you are considering a MBA program in Kansas, you will find opportunities with multiple aircraft manufacturers. Cessna and Spirit Aero Systems are both headquartered in Wichita, as is Raytheon Aircraft. The market for small aircraft is much more diverse than for commercial aircraft; however the advertising media and marketing channels for them are somewhat esoteric.

As you might expect, Kansas is also a center for food production and food processing. Tyson Corp. in Emporia and National Beef Packing in Dodge City are two of the state’s larger employers. Cargill also has a meat packing facility in Dodge City that employs nearly 3,000 Kansans. Food distribution channels in this country are long established and the processing business has been consolidated by such giants as Cargill and Tyson. 

However large companies in established markets are always looking for ways to chip at market share. Success requires the innovative leadership of intelligent Kansas MBA graduates. New marketing strategies, increased support at the retail level – there are many areas where group leadership can improve corporate performance within the market structure.

Large distributors also operate out of Kansas such as Associated Wholesale Grocers in Kansas City.  Diverse product lines in the food business provide a diverse collection of opportunities for the Kansas MBA. Corporate accounting and cash flow management is one highly sought skill. Managing a sales team and driving performance with goals and astute personnel oversight is yet another. Kansas MBA programs can provide you with the skills necessary to be succeed in such areas.

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MBA Career Salaries in Kansas*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Kansas :
    • Lawrence - $54,920
    • Topeka - $50,530
    • Wichita - $64,210

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Kansas :
    • Lawrence - $74,480
    • Topeka - $73,080
    • Wichita - $77,730

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Kansas :
    • Kansas City - $91,310
    • Lawrence - $92,440
    • Topeka - $96,670
    • Wichita - $78,480

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* BLS Kansas business career mean salary statistics 2005