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Kansas MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

Kansas City
Overland Park

Kansas City Career Networking Resources

  • Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
    The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce offers many avenues toward successful networking and creating strong relationships within the community. You will also find valuable resources for making a company visible in Kansas City if you are already employed or when you are. This site is host to a calendar of networking events you may wish to bookmark.
  • Women's Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City
    Sorry guys, but you are missing out on the best networking events in Kansas City. It has been proven over and over again, women are the most successful at creating strong business relationships with each other. Make use of your abilities to create social networks in Kansas City by attending the networking events scheduled through the Women's Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City.
  • Kansas City Star
    Stay up-to-date with business issues, economic trends and community news with the Kansas City Star. This is a great place to frequent if you do not like the clutter of a hand held newspaper. Either way you do it, it is vitally important to stay current with local issues and news. As a business person, you need to be on the level with your community of customers or clients.

Lawrence Career Networking Resources

  • Lawrence Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce in Lawrence provides links to local networking event information and scheduling. You will also find local demographic information, economic development information and a link to leadership building opportunities.
  • LJ World.com
    This website is a local online news source for Lawrence, KS. You will find all types of information and news from local festival information to local industry news. This is a great place to learn more about your community and about the people, your customers/clients.

Manhattan Career Networking Resources

  • Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce
    The link above does not actually route you to the Chamber website. You can click one link to get there. However, the link does take you to an information rich portal. You will find a link to local economic development information and visitor information. After clicking on the Chamber's link, you will find a schedule of networking events and other local industry information.
  • Manhattan Mercury
    Learn more about Manhattan's community by reading about current community affairs and events. Get a grasp around what makes Manhattan citizens tick. You will also find local industry information.

Olathe Career Networking Resources

  • Olathe Chamber of Commerce
    You will find a calendar of events, regularly updated, for social and professional networking opportunities. You will also find links to economic development information and local demographic and industry statistics. A great place to begin your networking quest.
  • The Olathe News
    There is not a lot of information on this site. However, you may wish to occasionally drop by to see what events are occurring in the area. A good way to stay grounded in the community.

Overland Park Career Networking Resources

  • Overland Park Chamber of Commerce
    Find a regularly updated list of local networking events. Browse a list of business members in the Chamber's directory. Learn about the Chamber's Leadership programs and become a part of the organization. This website provides all the information you need to infuse yourself, physically and economically, into Overland Park.

Salina Career Networking Resources

  • Salina Area Chamber of Commerce
    On Salina's Chamber of Commerce website, you will find various bits of quality information. You will find a schedule of networking events such as "After Hours" meetings. You will find local economic development and trend information as well.
  • Salina Journal Online
    The Salina Journal provides a significant amount of helpful information to the local Salina business person. You will find a list of community events, up dates for local industry and communiy news and much more.

Shawnee Career Networking Resources

  • The Shawnee Dispatch
    Find information and news on recent news and upcoming events in Shawnee. This is a great site to frequent in order to find networking events as well as gain a better understanding of local residents' way of life.
  • Shawnee Chamber of Commerce
    The Shawnee Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of networking events that are listed on their website. You will also find occasional posting of industry news and economic trend information in Shawnee.

Topeka Career Networking Resources

  • Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce website for Topeka is one of the better chamber sites around. There is a wealth of valuable information. As a business person in the area, one should feel quite lucky to have a resource like this at their fingertips. You will find demographic information, industry news, taxation information, economic trends, a calendar of chamber hosted networking events and much more.
  • CJ Online
    Learn about Topeka locals and gain a better understanding of their lifestyles and interests. As a business person, you must always know you customers/clients.

Wichita Career Networking Resources

  • Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce
    Find information on local business expos, chamber hosted networking events and much more. You will also find the Chamber of Commerce site in Wichita provides links to industry and economic development news and information for the savy and motivated business individual.
  • The Wichita Eagle
    Learn about the people of Wichita. Learn about the city's festivals, their most saught after news, most heated political debates and largest most respected industries. The news can tell a lot about your future customers or clients.