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Why do I need an MBA in Iowa?

Various Iowa entrepreneurs have begun producing ethanol as an alternative fuel, to the point where Iowa may soon become a corn importer. That should give an Iowa MBA graduate some sense of the changing economy in this quintessential Midwest “farm” state.

Iowa is also a center for consumer manufacturing businesses. Among the state’s top fifty employers are Maytag in Newton – outside of Des Moines - John Deere in Dubuque, Winnebago in Forest City and Jenn-Air, also in Newton. All of these companies have marketing arms and all of them generate new marketing strategies on a periodic basis. Selling big-ticket consumer items requires employed Iowa MBA graduates to have an up-to-date grasp of consumer behavior and buying patterns. The big box stores and online sales are changing the retail landscape; as sales dynamics change so must brand management and strategy.

Cedar Rapids is an insurance center, boasting major Iowa MBA employment centers in Transamerica Insurance, Life Investors Corp. and Aegon USA Inc. The insurance and annuities markets require products with strong brand recognition and a management team that stays current with the changing market dynamics. Demographic patterns – principally the “aging of America” - are key components of any long term business strategy for these businesses.

The food processing industry remains strong in Iowa: Swift; Tyson Foods; Oscar Mayer and Farmland Foods are all major Iowa employers. In these industries, the marketing channels are long established – what business perennials like these companies are looking for in an Iowa MBA is an understanding of market dynamics and how a fresh approach might alter sales figures and develop additional market share.

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MBA Career Salaries in Iowa*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Iowa :
    • Des Moines - $59,770
    • Iowa City - $48,400
    • Sioux City - $58,830

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Iowa :
    • Cedar Rapids - $77,490
    • Des Moines - $84,520

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Iowa :
    • Ames - $71,730
    • Cedar Rapids - $88,880
    • Des Moines - $87,780
    • Dubuque - $72,120
    • Iowa City - $62,020
    • Sioux City - $83,770

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* BLS Iowa business career mean salary statistics 2005