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Why do I need an MBA in Indiana?

There is a varied assortment of major employers who are potential targets for an MBA in Indiana. The largest employer is US Steel, operating its mills in Gary which is an industrial outpost for Chicago across the state line. Eli Lilly and Roche Diagnostics reside in Indianapolis, both selling products in the medical market. While one is in pharmaceuticals and the other in medical equipment, both utilize the medical marketing channel requiring sales strategies that match up with the market dynamics created by competitive product lines.

Delphi Electronics in Kokomo is turning out semiconductor products with over 8,000 employees. Manufacturers in this market need people with Indiana MBA training who understand computing and communications technology and the marketing channels used to service the industry's developing products for these markets. Speed to market is the key factor for technology-driven products. Product managers who grasp the market dynamics for various product classes are going to be invaluable to component manufacturers such as Delphi.

Both consumer and industrial manufacturing has always been strong in Indiana, and not just in Gary. Toyota builds trucks in Princeton while Rolls-Royce builds aircraft engines in Indianapolis. Big production line systems found in these businesses need leaders who have completed Indiana MBA programs. They will need the skills to increase organizational effectiveness and motivate a diverse work force.

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MBA Career Salaries in Indiana*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Indiana :
    • Columbus - $70,110
    • Fort Wayne - $62,530
    • Gary - $62,190
    • Indianapolis - $57,650
    • Lafayette - $64,630
    • Muncie - $51,650
    • Terre Haute - $50,460

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Indiana :
    • Evansville - $63,730
    • Fort Wayne - $75,200
    • Gary - $75,090
    • Indianapolis - $68,910

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Indiana :
    • Anderson - $59,540
    • Bloomington - $83,600
    • Elkhart - $74,320
    • Fort Wayne - $83,030
    • Gary - $72,090
    • Indianapolis - $72,090
    • Lafayette - $75,390
    • Muncie - $68,310
    • South Bend - $64,570

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* BLS Indiana business career mean salary statistics 2005