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Indiana MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

Fort Wayne
South Bend

Bloomington Career Networking Resources

  • Bloomington Economic Development Center
    The BEDC provides information on current economic trends and statistics for Bloomington. They also provide business development tools and resources and information about local education providers. This is a great resource for learning about what Bloomington has to offer for future business and industry development.
  • Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
    The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce provides information about upcoming networking events that are highly lucrative whether you are a business owner or a recent Indiana MBA graduate looking to meet industry leaders.
  • Bloomington Indiana Online News
    Local Bloomington news is a great way to learn about how the people of Bloomington live their lives. This is vital information for developing sound marketing strategies or successful business plans in the area.

Evansville Career Networking Resources

  • Evansville Courier & Press
    Use this website to take notes and learn about the people in Evansville. It cannot be stressed enough that business people need to learn where their future income will come from - the people who live in their city.
  • Evansville Chamber of Commerce
    The Evansville Chamber of Commerce is host to many valuable resources from economic trend information and industry statistics to providing a schedule of local business and career networking events. This is a great place to begin a networking process.

Fort Wayne Career Networking Resources

  • Fort Wayne News
    This site has some valuable information if you are trying to gain a grasp of Fort Wayne residents and their habits. However, if you are looking for business new and information, you may find some. But, it is difficult to find and you must typically scroll much beyond the page fold.
  • Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce
    The Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic resource for business professionals, entrepreneurs and business students. You will find a calendar of professional networking events, local economic trend information, workforce development information and various types of industry news.

Gary Career Networking Resources

  • Greater Gary Chamber of Commerce
    This site is not only a valuable resource for those wishing to begin creating their network of business relationships, it is also a pleasure to navigate. With their own created four-square logo, the Gary Chamber of Commerce has created an attractive and valuable resource for business people in the area.
  • City of Gary
    Significantly different from the local Chamber of Commerce, the City of Gary website is quite antiquated in design and with regard to resources. However, they do have occasional updates with regard to economic news in Gary.

Hammond Career Networking Resources

  • The LakeShore Chamber of Commerce
    Hammond's Chamber of Commerce website provides information about local business members, unique business and industry related news and a calendar showing upcoming networking events. This site is not as well maintained as one would hope, however, it is a resource that does hold value when it is updated.

Indianapolis Career Networking Resources

  • Indianapolis Business Journal
    Unfortunately, this resource is not entirely free. If you wish to have all the articles available, you will need to subscribe and pay a small fee. However, when putting it all in perspective, the journal is constantly updated and has valuable industry and economic trend news and information. You are or will be a successful business person and certainly quality information and resources will help you earn far and away more than the cost of a subscription.
  • Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
    The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for anyone who does business or is looking to do business in Indianapolis. For networking purposes, you will find a list of networking events of many different types and their associated dates. You will find frequently updated news and press releases from local industry leaders. This is a great place to begin doing research about creating a strong network of business relationships in Indianapolis.

Lafayette Career Networking Resources

  • Journal and Courier Online
    A very well laid out online news site for Lafayette. This is a great resource for many aspects of a Lafayette business person's life. You will find current economic trend and industry information for those interested in either competition or when figuring which industry to pursue for a career. You will also be able to use this site as a resource for conducting market research in an effort to learn about your local Lafayette consumer.
  • Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
    On the Lafayette Chamber of Commercer website, you will find a business directory, a calendar of upcoming networking events, information about the top local employers and more. A great place to gain direction for your business networking campaigns.

Muncie Career Networking Resources

  • Muncie - Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
    Find information about Muncie's demographics and gather more information from other business resources listed on the site. You will also find a schedule of networking events hosted by talented individuals whose job it is to introduce you to the people you need to meet to do more business or gain career prospects.
  • The Star Press
    Not a vital resource by any means, but it is informative when trying to gain a better understanding of the people who reside in Muncie. Learn who your potential customers or clients are and you will have a much easier time both selling yourself for a job and performing well once you have that job.

South Bend Career Networking Resources

  • Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County
    This site has a fantastically easy to use system of navigation, however, this is just one small value of many greater ones associated with this business resource. You will find links to various sets of information about such things as local economic development, demographic statistics, industry news and a calendar up scheduled networking events. This is a great resource to frequent and become familiar with if you are already or are becoming a business person in South Bend.
  • The South Bend Tribune
    The Tribune is a regularly updated online news website that provides a variety on interesting material for the individual concerned with economic and industry trends.