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Why do I need an MBA in Illinois?

Chicago is the economic powerhouse in Illinois and for one hundred fifty years has been the Midwestern outpost for heavy industry.  If you’re an MBA looking for a career in Illinois, there are many businesses looking for innovative business development talent. Insurance companies are constantly looking for creative twists on traditional products, and there are several important insurance companies among the top employers in Illinois.  Allstate, CNA Corp. and Continental Casualty are based in Chicago while State Farm has over 10,000 employees in Bloomington.

Revising product lines requires understanding the dynamics of the consumer market and aligning a marketing strategy to match. In the insurance business, it has been the planned market strategies of Illinois MBA graduates that has resulted in the long term care insurance boom.

An Illinois MBA interested in the pharmaceutical business will find Abbott Laboratories employing over 15,000 people in the Chicago area.  This industry has an interesting mix of requirements including managerial decisions in a regulated industry; risk management as it relates to new product development; and devising marketing strategies for a unique product sales chain through the medical community.

If managerial accounting is your career interest, Deloitte has several thousand employees in its Chicago business center. From Lake Michigan down to Springfield, Illinois has a vast array of businesses that offer opportunities for the freshly minted MBA.

Explore your options and request information from some of the top schools offering associate, bachelors and MBA programs in Illinois.

MBA Career Salaries in Illinois*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Illinois :
    • Bloomington - $60,980
    • Champaign - $66,310
    • Chicago - $70,670
    • Peoria - $79,850
    • Springfield - $45,770

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Illinois :
    • Bloomington - $102,920
    • Champaign - $67,000
    • Chicago - $80,950
    • Peoria - $76,250
    • Rockford - $72,120
    • Springfield - $73,390

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Illinois :
    • Bloomington - $85,990
    • Chicago - $95,110
    • Decatur - $69,820
    • Peoria - $66,790
    • Rockford - $92,450
    • Springfield - $62,420

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* BLS Illinois business career mean salary statistics 2005