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Illinois MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.


Aurora Career Networking Resources

  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce
    You will not find too much in the way of updated local business information, but you will find a list of local businesses who have gained membership with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. This can be a good starting point for contacting companies in your industry.
  • The Beacon News
    The Beacon News provides current local, national and world news. For networking purposes, they also provide industry information and economic news. This can help stear you in the right business direction when choosing which business relationships are going to be worth your time.
  • City of Aurora
    This website provides information on current local Aurora issues from economic information to new regulations and government related issues. You will also find a calendar of events that will occassionally list business networking gatherings.

Bloomington Career Networking Resources

  • McLean County Chamber of Commerce
    Learn about the Chamber's "Monday Morning Coffee" and other networking events located on their calendar. You can also peruse other useful links and information that will help you learn more about local Bloomington industry.
  • City of Bloomington, IL
    The Bloomington city website provides a calendar with links leading to many pertinent local events from city council meetings to business networking events. You will also find local industry information and economic trend information for the city.

Champaign Career Networking Resources

  • The News-Gazette.com
    Champaign local online news has a lot of fun and useful information. For pratical purposes, you will find economic information and business news. For fun and budget, you will find information such as local gas prices and the locations of the cheapest gas!
  • Champaign County Chamber of Commerce
    Here you will find information on local businesses and what industries are producing the buzz in Champaign. They host a list of businesses that may bea resource for great networking leads.

Chicago Career Networking Resources

  • Illinois Department of Commerce
    and Economic Development

    It's about as it sounds. Not flashy, but the information on this website is absolutely necessary if you want to leave a good impression when networking. This site will help you understand the current trends in the city's economic development and current news about local industry.
  • State of Illinois Business Portal
    Here you will find up to date local business news and information on the local economy. This site is also host to information about running a business in Illinois.
  • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
    Chicago's Chamber of Commerce website should be a template for any city wishing to further local business. All the vital statistics and information are current and well documented. You will find employment and networking resources and schedules as well as news on current economic trends in most industries.
  • Illinois Chamber of Commerce
    The state of Illinois' Chamber of Commerce provides a wealth of knowledge for those interested in understanding the foundation of Chicago's economy. You will find information about Illinois' economic development and building infrastructure. Such information is vital to predicting the future of Chicago's future leading industries.

Elgin Career Networking Resources

  • City of Elgin
    The City of Elgin's website provides interesting information about community development efforts, local demographic statistics and economic trends. All great information for the business person looking to make waves and lasting business relationships.
  • Elgin Chamber of Commerce
    Find information on local businesses, schedules of networking events and economic development information that is vital to your industry. This is a well laid out website with friendly navigation. You can gain valuable information in with little effort.

Naperville Career Networking Resources

  • Naperville Sun
    On the Naperville Sun, you will find business news and information about local issues related to all industries.
  • City of Naperville
    The City of Naperville's website provides valuable information about local events and issues addressed by the city. This is a great place to get know the people of Naperville and figure out what makes Naperville tick.

Peoria Career Networking Resources

  • PJStar.com
    Peoria's PJStar.com is an online media website. It is host to a variety of updated news categories such as business and industry related, local and world news and sports. You will occassionally find local networking events posted as well.
  • Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Peoria Chamber of Commerce offers a plethora of valuable business information from a directory of local businesses to economic trend information to a discussion board for those to talk about business related issues. You will also find a calendar posting local networking events and other types of gatherings.
  • East Peoria Chamber of Commerce
    Similar to the above website but centered in a different location. Motivated business people may find it worthwhile to peruse both sites to gain a wider perspective of industry possbilities.

Rockford Career Networking Resources

  • Rockford Chamber of Commerce
    The Rockford Chamber of Commerce provides some quality information for those doing business in Rockford. First you will find a calendar of chamber events, usually networking events. Then you will also find a directory of local businesses. A great way to find out who is actively advertising in your industry.

Springfield Career Networking Resources

  • Springfield Illinois Online News
    This website is a reflection of local residents and for the business person, it is a great place to begin researching where your niche market may be hiding. Read news about local events, business and even sports.
  • The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
    The Springfield Chamber of Commerce provides vital business information such as community overview information and economic trends. You will find news of recent business related transactions. Frequenting this website is a great way to keep your finger on Springfield's economic pulse.
  • Springfield Economic Climate
    This link will take you to a page listing basic, fundamental business information that should be lingering in the back of any Springfield business person.