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Why do I need an MBA in Hawaii?

Honolulu is the commercial and corporate center for Hawaii. However, the base of the economy and the growth industry is tourism. A Hawaii MBA graduate will find a wealth of opportunity on the islands with high salaries to boot.

These resorts that principally cater to families and provide facilities for a week’s stay or more have recurring management needs in the area of facilities maintenance and operations oversight.  The resort has to look its best at all times, and in many cases the rooms have to look their best at the end of each day.  Managing a diverse workforce that is responsible for housekeeping, gardening and catering in these facilities can be a real challenge. Those who have earned their MBA in Hawaii have a huge leg up on the competition.

Marketing is the other function that is critical to the resort industry. Marketing strategies need to vary from year to year and sales channels through travel planners and tour packagers is an important function that requires innovative support.  A creative marketer has to understand the various market segments that are available: retired couples, well-to-do individuals, families, and so forth.

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MBA Career Salaries in Hawaii *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Hawaii :
    • Honolulu - $54,120

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Hawaii :
    • Honolulu - $82,600

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Hawaii :
    • Honolulu - $82,040

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* BLS Hawaii business career mean salary statistics 2005