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Why do I need an MBA in Florida?

For an MBA graduate in Florida, the health care industry is providing a significant amount of opportunity. The fourth and fifth largest employers in Florida are the Florida Hospital Center in Orlando and Orlando Regional Health Services. A couple other health care providers who rank in Florida’s top fifty businesses are: The Lee Memorial Health Care System in Fort Myers and St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tampa. Health care administration is a rapidly growing industry desperately in need of educated individuals in the business arena to streamline all functioning aspects of delivering health care.

Health care has become a market-conscious industry with managed care services competing for market share. A Florida MBA with an interest in creative marketing and product development opportunities would do well in the managed care environment. Such positions require planning market strategies based on analyses of market structure and consumer behavior.

Florida maintains a presence in the aerospace industry with its NASA facilities and the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  There are a number of industries peripheral to operations of this nature that provide goods and services to meet their operational requirements and manufacturing or maintenance needs.

Information technology plays a role in aerospace as do highly specialized precision tool component and production tool manufacturers.  Here an MBA must think in terms of operational requirements when contemplating a production or service contract bid.  Specialized IT and component production demands an understanding of the engineering and/or software development process as much as the business acumen needed for contract negotiation.

Florida MBA graduates have a wealth of opportunity throughout the state and across multiple industries. Explore your options and request information from some of the top schools offering associate, bachelors and MBA programs in Florida.