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Why do I need an MBA in Connecticut?

When considering Connecticut MBA employment opportunities, the insurance industry is a good place to start.  The state has been known for well over 150 years as the country’s insurance capital.  The state’s second and third largest employers, The Hartford Group and Aetna Insurance, are both located in the city of Hartford.  An MBA interested in these business groups is going to find financial information analysis is critical to both product development and brand management.

Insurance companies based in Hartford and New Haven have shaped the insurance business through a steady introduction of new products and services.  They have maintained market share through a continuing reevaluation of consumer needs and product viability as the nation’s demographics have evolved.  Baby boomers needed liability protection twenty years ago, but today need asset protection.

Risk management combined with constant market reevaluation has been the key to success in this business and has provided multiple opportunities for Connecticut MBA graduates coming in the door.

The drug development industry is a fascinating combination of managing government regulations with the requirements of a balance sheet.  Drug research costs have to be recovered by a positive product development cycle. Connecticut MBAs are leading the charge in this industry as well.

Connecticut also has important manufacturing industries such as Pratt and Whitney who have maintained market viability as the economy has transformed from industrial in nature to information based.

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MBA Career Salaries in Connecticut*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Connecticut :
    • Bridgeport - $111,110
    • Danbury - $73,070
    • Hartford - $60,110
    • New Haven - $74,490
    • Springfield - $68,030
    • Waterbury - $92,200
    • Worcester - $68,900

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Connecticut :
    • Bridgeport - $122,680
    • Danbury - $117,580
    • Hartford - $92,750
    • New Haven - $90,410
    • Springfield - $92,400
    • Worcester - $85,240

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Connecticut :
    • Bridgeport - $129,910
    • Danbury - $125,240
    • Hartford - $108,730
    • New Haven - $97,110
    • Norwich - $94,520
    • Waterbury - $123,090

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* BLS Connecticut business career mean salary statistics 2005