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Connecticut MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

New Britain
New Haven

Bridgeport Business Career Networking Resources

  • Bridgeport Regional Business Council
    The BRBC functions as Bridgeport's Chamber of Commerce. You will find current information about economic trends, industry in and around Bridgeport, listed up-coming networking events and so on. This is a great place to begin your networking efforts.
  • Bridgeport City Website
    As of the time of writing this, the Bridgeport City website is up and running with alot of quality information. However, the load time is significant if you have a dial-up connection. With regard to content, the Bridgeport city website provides press releases, industry and business information, job listings and local government news.

Danbury Business Career Networking Resources

  • Danbury Chamber of Commerce
    On the Danbury Chamber of Commerce website, you will find quality business related information such as a schedule of upcoming networking events, press releases, economic trend information and more. This is a great place to begin accumulating information to begin networking and establishing yourself as a business presence in Danbury.
  • Danbury City Website
    Danbury's government website provides a great deal of information. You will find regularly updated news, press releases, policy change, business industry events and networking events. You will find a comprehensive links page with resources in many fields such as hospitals, Danbury public schools, youth services and more.

Greenwich Business Career Networking Resources

  • Greenwich Chamber of Commerce
    On the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce website, you will find business related information from local industry information to networking events schedules. Browse the Greenwich business directory and learn who are the major players in Greenwich's economy. Sign up for their weekly newsletter and stay informed without having to frequent the Chamber's website.
  • Greenwich City Website
    Find regularly updated news such as business news, local events and policy change. If your industry may be involved in government contracting and job bidding, this is a great site to frequent and stay informed as to what potential contracts may be coming up for Greenwich businesses.

Hartford Business Career Networking Resources

  • Hartford Chamber of Commerce
    The Hartford Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic resource for business people in the Hartford area. You will find everything from networking events to local business career info and internships to economic development data for those with the foresight to stay informed. This is a great resource for those just entering the work force as well as those firmly established in a Hartford area business.
  • Hartford City Website
    The Hartford City government website provides a ton of resources. Under the business heading, you will find links to other sites such as a business and industry alliance site who specializes in local Hartford business and industry. You will also find regular news updates for everything from local sports to business to local government policy.

New Britain Business Career Networking Resources

  • New Britain Chamber of Commerce
    With over 400 members, the New Britain chamber hosts a wealth of networking opportunities or the New Britain business person. On the site, you will find a schedule of networking events, business news and economic trends and much more.
  • New Britain City Website
    Find local government news and information. The New Britain government website provides quality information about local business and opportunities for government contracting and bidding. This is a good website to frequent in order to stay current with New Britain's local news.

New Haven Business Career Networking Resources

  • New Haven Chamber of Commerce
    The New Haven Chamber of Commerce website provides everything from a schedule of networking events to economic trend information to business seminar schedules and info. The New Haven Chamber is a great place to frequent to stay current with local business news and networking opportunities.
  • New Haven City Website
    On the New Haven City website, you will find regularly up-dated news and press releases about such things as local theatrical events to business industry news. You will find other information about local government contracting, economic development information for New Haven and cultural events that may be quality opportunities for networking.

Norwalk Business Career Networking Resources

  • Norwalk Chamber of Commerce
    The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce website provides a wealth of information about local networking events for different industries in Norwalk. You will also find a membership directory which is a great place to begin putting out your feelers if you are looking to create career opportunities for yourself. This is also local economic development information and business related news that can be highly valuable to the Norwalk business person.
  • Norwalk City Website
    On the Norwalk city website, you will find all kinds of valuable business related information. Use economic development information to find what industries are booming in Norwalk, which ones are struggling and which ones have serious potential.

Stamford Business Career Networking Resources

  • Stamford Chamber of Commerce
    You will find a schedule of upcoming networking events for Stamford business people representing all kinds of various industries in Stamford. This is a great place to begin your networking campaign in Stamford.
  • Stamford City Website
    Explore Stamford's city website and find regularly updated news articles and business industry information. There is posted information about meetings and agendas, economic development information and employment information.

Waterbury Business Career Networking Resources

  • Waterbury Chamber of Commerce
    The Waterbury Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic resource for aspiring business individuals and veteran business people. You will find all types of resources such as economic development information, demographic data, schedules of networking events and local business industry news.
  • Waterbury City Website
    The city website of Waterbury provides some information that may prove to be valuable to business professionals in Waterbury. You will find regularly updated Waterbury news, local government contracts and bidding opportunities as well as government career opportunities.