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Why do I need an MBA in Colorado?

An MBA degree in Colorado can open doors in a variety of growing business fields.  Established technology firms who are public in their search for innovative new market development include IBM in Boulder and Hewlett Packard in Colorado Springs.  Each firm has several thousand employees in their Colorado business divisions and each is looking for energetic, market-oriented and tech-savvy business development people.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems is one of Colorado’s largest employers based in Littleton.  This company, and many others, need people with business analysis capabilities that can negotiate contracts to work within operational framework.  Across Colorado, businesses are seeking out individuals who have the education to perform all kinds of sophisticated tasks.

In Greenwood Colorado, two of Colorado’s major employers are engaged in the insurance and annuities businesses.  Both FAS Corp. and Great Western Life and Annuities have several thousand employees and both are in industries where understanding market structure and consumer behavior are crucial.  An individual with the right MBA in Colorado provides proof of those skills.

Denver and Boulder both have several large health care organizations that are consistently engaged in developing new packaging for primary health care services.  An MBA’s innovative market strategy can help create product realignment leading to new markets or simply better use of the existing market.

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MBA Career Salaries in Colorado*

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Colorado :
    • Colorado Springs - $49,330
    • Denver - $81,090
    • Fort Collins - $67,640
    • Grand Junction - $58,820
    • Greeley - $107,830

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Colorado :
    • Boulder - $87,510
    • Colorado Springs - $79,800
    • Denver - $91,590
    • Fort Collins - $77,040
    • Greeley - $85,130

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Colorado :
    • Boulder - $101,860
    • Colorado Springs - $95,550
    • Denver - $90,830
    • Fort Collins - $69,840
    • Greeley - $75,780
    • Pueblo - $56,580

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* BLS Colorado business career mean salary statistics 2005