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California MBA Career Networking

In order to succeed directly after completing an MBA program or Bachelor's degree in business, you will need the right network of business resources. The following is contact information of business degree graduate employers. In order to make the most of a business education, extracurricular activities such as forging business relationships while still in school will set you apart from the rest of the job applicants once graduation rolls around.

Long Beach
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose

Anaheim Business Career Networking Resources

  • Anaheim Chamber of Commerce
    On the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce website you will find valuable information about networking events, economic development and trends, a business directory and local industry news. Use this information to help direct your networking efforts and minimize the time it takes to develop valuable business relationships in Anaheim.
  • Anaheim City Website
    Stay up to date with local Anaheim industry and government news. Learn where business trends are headed and if your business may be involved with government contracts and bidding, it will certainly pay to frequent the Anaheim City government website.

Fresno Business Career Networking Resources

  • Fresno Chamber of Commerce
    The Fresno Chamber of Commerce website provides information on upcoming networking events for various industry interests. Make use of economic development information and Fresno business news to help direct your networking efforts.
  • Fresno Area Job Postings
    Perhaps not a site for Fresno business relationship development and networking. However, if you are interested in networking, browsing job listings may be of interest to you as well. You will find job postings in most all industries in Fresno.
  • Fresno Official City Website
    Stay up to date with local Fresno news and do your best to sound intelligent when developing business relationships. Also a great place to stary informed with local business trends when strategizing your networking campaign.

Long Beach Business Career Networking Resources

  • Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
    Find information on networking opportunities in and around Long Beach. This website also hosts economic development information and a directory of local businesses that can be useful to the business person when beginning their networking campaign.
  • Long Beach Business Journal
    Perhaps not as informative as the name suggests, but not a waste of time to occassionally frequent this site. You may find useful business information from time to time that may prove to be good conversation starters when networking.
  • Long Beach Official City Website
    You'll find current business news and other information valuable to stay up to date with while networking. You may also find information on local businesses who are expanding and perhaps looking for new people to fill business positions.

Los Angeles Business Career Networking Resources

  • Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
    A forward thinking Chamber of Commerce with many resources and business members at its disposal. You will find information on Los Angeles' economic development, an abundance of industry specific networking opportunities and local business news. This is a great resource to become familiar with when establishing your Los Angeles business networking efforts.
  • Los Angeles Official City Website
    You will find Los Angeles business news and other current information regarding government and industry. As a business person in Los Angeles you may find local tax information and upcoming city events useful.

Oakland Business Career Networking Resources

  • Oakland Chamber of Commerce
    The Oakland Chamber of Commerce website provides information about upcoming networking events, economic development in Oakland, seminars and training in leadership and many other necessities of business people and business news. This is a great site to frequent and the Chamber is a great organization to be a part of when it comes to networking.
  • Oakland Official City Website
    You will find news and information about everything from art to goverment and politics to local business news. Make this a site to frequent in order to stay current with economic trends and events that could be useful for business networking.

Sacramento Business Career Networking Resources

  • Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
    On the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce website, you will find information about local business development and networking events. This is a great resource for those looking for the next action to take in order to further their business career. Find business news and economic trends essential for making business career decisions and choosing where to begin a networking campaign.
  • Sacramento City Website
    On the official Sacramento goverment website, you will find current business news and press releases. Stay current with local business news and avoid embarrassing yourself when networking and creating business relationships in Sacramento.

San Diego Business Career Networking Resources

  • San Diego Chamber of Commerce
    Use this resource to find upcoming networking events and to stay current on local San Diego business news. You may also find information about leadership education and other business oriented seminars helpful while pursuing career advancement.
  • San Diego Economic Development Corporation
    Stay current with regional economic development news and industry trends by frequenting this site. You may find posted events and press releases interesting and useful when conducting your networking campaign or looking for business careers.
  • San Diego City Website
    If your area of business requires some coordination with local business, contracting or bidding, you will find this resource necessary. If not, you may find their frequent news postings to be informative and worthwhile. Occassionally there will be business postings or economic information due to changes in local government or policy.

San Francisco Business Career Networking Resources

  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
    The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce website offers networking event information for various local industries and business news that is vital for the advancement of any business career. You will also find San Francisco business letter you may want to subscribe to. Stay up to date with current events and business trends and find your networking relationships to be stronger and more valuable. An informed individual always appears more valuable in the business world.
  • San Francisco City Website
    On the San Francisco city website, you will find tons of information about all kinds of local events. You can find the latest industry news and upcoming events and policy changes side by side. Use this resource to find both upcoming theatrical events for pleasure and study up on the business information that can propel your business networking efforts in and around San Francisco.

San Jose Business Career Networking Resources

  • San Jose Chamber of Commerce
    Find local San Jose economic information and schedules of networking events. This is a fantastic resource even if you never join the Chamber. They regularly post San Jose business news in the news letter as well as offer local economic trends. Use this resource to stay current and well informed regarding local industry and business events. This site holds great information for the business person creating their networking campaign.
  • San Jose City Website
    This resource will provide you with economic and demographic census data as well as other business news occurring in and around the city of San Jose. This is a great site to frequent if you feel staying up to date with government policy change and economic trends will effect your business career(we are being sarcastic - this resource is a must to frequent).