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Why do I need an MBA in Arkansas?

Arkansas state’s largest employer, Walmart, is based in Bentonville, home of the late Sam Walton.  WalMart has also grown into the nation’s largest employer and their needs for innovative management could not be more evident.  While they excel at getting products to market, their ability to handle the workforce could use professional help. Those who are interested in earning their MBA in Arkansas are flirting with serious career opportunity.

An Arkansas MBA graduate who understands how to maximize organizational efficiency and at the same time keep employee morale high is a valuable business asset to all companys' operating divisions.

In Little Rock, the major employers are largely in the medical services field.  The University of Arkansas’ Medical Center has several branches that are large enough to absorb new business professionals with an eye toward innovative business practices in health care administration. 

The Alltel Corp. in Little Rock needs MBAs to maximize the business strategy and team dynamics it takes to compete in one of the toughest markets in the marketplace: cellular telephones. Also in town is Axciom Corporation, a telecommunications company that needs market analysis and sales plans to go with their engineering skills.

And, of course there’s Tyson’s Foods, the Springdale Arkansas food processor that handles national distribution for Arkansas’ famous chicken industry.  This is another market sector where production efficiencies and product development go hand in hand, developing new supermarket items with consumer appeal.

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MBA Career Salaries in Arkansas *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Arkansas:
    • Fayetteville - $56,780
    • Fort Smith - $54,130
    • Little Rock - $62,040
    • Memphis - $61,880

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Arkansas:
    • Fayetteville - $66,530
    • Fort Smith - $69,810
    • Little Rock - $71,940
    • Memphis - $89,660

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Arkansas:
    • Fayetteville - $67,380
    • Fort Smith - $98,160
    • Little Rock - $85,990
    • Memphis - $98,450
    • Texarkana - $60,420

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* BLS Arkansas business career mean salary statistics 2005