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Why do I need an MBA in Alaska?

Most of us have assumed that the Alaskan economy is based on oil, fishing and lumber.  However important business segments, the real economic base for the state spreads across many other sectors.  An MBA schooled in operations management and leadership of a diverse workforce can find opportunity at the Anchorage International Airport, which leads the state with over 9,000 employees.

Organizational management and behavior analytics also play a role in the oil business, which maintains a strong presence in the state.  The Alyeska Pipeline Service Corp. and Conoco Phillips are both major state employers, also in Anchorage.  In this arena, an Alaska MBA graduate would be challenged to make managerial decisions in a regulated environment, as Alaskan oil embraces both environmental challenges and the need to maintain a profitable business structure.

In the lumber products and fishing business, marketing strategies are playing an increasingly important role.  The business success stories in these industries have been those with quality branding strategies and good leadership in the execution of marketing plans.  You can apply your interest in maritime businesses either from the corporate side with Trident Seafood Corp. in Sand Point or with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage. 

An MBA with creative leadership skills can work from either side of a regulated industry, trying to find the business model that works for everyone. Explore your options and request information from some of the top schools offering associate, bachelors and MBA programs in Alaska.

MBA Career Salaries in Alaska *

  • Financial Analyst salaries in Alaska:
    • Anchorage - $74,940

  • Human Resource Manager salaries in Alaska:
    • Anchorage - $79,730
    • Alaska as a whole - $74,050

  • Marketing Manager salaries in Alaska:
    • Anchorage - $71,720
    • Alaska as a whole - $69,730

Request information about the top online and campus Alaska MBA programs and find the right business school for you.

* BLS Alaska business career mean salary statistics 2005